Monday, March 14, 2011

Last Look

The last pieces in the new collection are a little more work-friendly. I wanted to make a structured top with the brown floral from the previous dress, so I started by draping in muslin.

Then I marked the style lines and button placement, adding a 1" button extension:

Then I sewed a sample muslin.

Looks pretty good! Time for the brown floral.

This top is a bit of a departure from my usual aesthetic, but the floral just calls for a sweet, conservative silhouette.

The buttonholer on my machine is broken, so I manually made some buttonholes and sewed on the buttons (don't you love them? Thanks to Lauren for helping me pick them out!):

To complete the look, I whipped up a high waisted pencil skirt from the same brown knit as the jacket and dress:

The finished look:

To be completely candid, I think I prefer the silhouette of this top in muslin as opposed to the brown floral. Looks a bit busy and boxy. What do you think?

Coming soon: more yarncraft! huzzah!


  1. I agree that the floral fabric hides the interesting structure of the pleated darts (is that a thing?), which are more visible in the muslin. But I still like the finished product! And I'm excited for more yarncraft!

  2. what an interesting way to put in darts. I've not seen this way to dart before. I think the top looks great. I think the pencil skirt with the waistband is cute! I'm always a fan of a little less low cut tops, but the design is clever.