Friday, June 3, 2011

Special Assignment

Once upon a time I had two great friends from two completely different circles. This is Kate, one of my nearest and dearest from early college days in Pennsylvania:

And this is Ryan, dear friend of Mr. N. and I from Chicago:

Don't mind me in the background. I'm just really into Rock Band. Ryan is too, that's why his face is so serious. 

When Mr. N. and I got married two summers ago, Kate was one of my bridesmaids and Ryan was one of Mr. N's groomsmen. I had a gut feeling that they would get along, so I mentioned to Ryan that he might want to try to get to know Kate during the wedding weekend. Also, anytime assigned seating was involved, guess who was seated next to each other? That's right. Well, it turns out Ryan and Kate hit it off. Really hit it off. 

They're getting married in 3 weeks and I couldn't be happier! Kate gave me the great honor of making her rehearsal dinner dress and I'm so excited to dress the lovely bride. The wedding has a peacock theme, so I made some sketches for Kate to choose from (click to enlarge):

Which one did she choose? Check back soon for the finished product! 


  1. Love the sketches! So excited for both Kate and Ryan embarking on the marriage adventure. :) Wahoo!

  2. The sketches are great and I know which one she picked. We'll see if I am right. Very creative, pretty dresses. What colors will the dress be?
    Congrats to Kate and Ryan. Those friend match ups are the best!