Monday, October 19, 2009


When looking for photographic inspiration, I am often drawn to the same types of images.

Another place, another time, a dreamlike land in faded sepia.
A memory that warms, calms....

...and haunts.

These are images that really stick with me.

Another constant source of inspiration is the design of Frank Lloyd Wright, particularly his glass windows:

This image makes me think of a specific time in my life when Mr. N and I were just starting out and shared a fascination for FLW's life and work. The symmetry in this window is completely magnetic to me.
These are the images that have inspired my spring 2010 collection. I'm already ankle-deep in it and I'm about to dive right in, because this time I have a deadline and a particular goal. More about that later.

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  1. These images certainly leave an impression. I'm glad they're not portraits because those can look very creepy... not to mention the Victorian clothing probably wouldn't inform your style much, just like FLW reacted against the "boxes".