Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Big Payoff

After all the sewing, crocheting, and finishing are done, my favorite part about a new collection is the photo shoot. Thanks to my incredibly talented friends, this shoot was the best yet! I had a total blast and I'm awed by the finished product--everyone makes my clothes look outstanding!

The garments, ready to be shot. I can't help but look at this rack and think, seriously? All that work and that's all there is?

The garments with accessory, shoe, and music selection.

The talent--gorgeous already. Here they are in hair and makeup. From left, Mallory, Emily, and Carolyn, and nope, not one of them single. Sorry boys.

Ready? Here we go! Click on any picture to view it larger.

Here's Carolyn in the April dress.

Sometimes I have to make adjustments, and it can get awkward. Luckily everybody has a sense of humor.

Here's Mal in the January dress.

Emily in the Faye dress:

Carolyn in the Shaw Jacket:

Thank you to everyone involved--Mal, Em, Carolyn, our amazing photographer Lauren, site supervisor and jack of all trades Mr. N., and moral support and shoe lending by Steph. You are all incredible and brought my vision to a whole new level. Thanks for lending your time, talents, and energy! I am abundantly blessed by every one of you!


  1. A good time was had by all! (I'll take this opportunity to mention that one of my "trades" is catering... with the help of the local pizza joint.) It is truly amazing to see the fantastic finished product of all of that time and toil. You are the gifted one!

  2. So many beautiful, talented friends!!!

  3. The photo shoot, the models, the pictures, the designs and the designer are all awesome. I love the backgrounds and how they enhance the character of the garments. Great job all!!

  4. GORGEOUS! I can't believe how beautiful this collection is! Ok, I can believe it. I would totally buy ALL those clothes! (After I'm done being preg!)