Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Little Something Extra

So far I've walked you through three dresses in the new collection. Three looks is a great mini collection, but I wanted to expand this one a bit and add a few more separates. The first is a great jacket. I love love love those open cardigans that are so comfy and easy to throw on over anything. I wanted to make a jacket that had the same type of feel but with a little more structure and polish. Here's the muslin:

I also love low breaking shawl collar blazers and I wanted this to have a similar feel. I added a very laid back, non-80s peplum to the waistline. I realize the very word strikes fear into those women who wore them in their heyday--it makes them remember stuff like this:

 but fear not. Let's ease back into the peplum's good graces and embrace it once again.

Here's the jacket in the final fabric, the same brown tweedy-looking slinky knit the last dress was made of.

I just love this fabric--it's a body hugging slinky knit that holds structure incredibly well. Which is also where I hit a snag. It tends to be a bit bulky, and when I lined the peplum with it it was a hefty, beefy mess. I re-lined it with a lighter fabric, added the crochet appliques and a hook and eye, and...

There you have it. A comfy, easy to wear, professional (provided you wear something under it!) blazer with some interesting details, 80s shame not included.

Get excited--photo shoot pics are officially coming soon!


  1. Peplum! Fantastic! And you were impressed by "transom"... You know so many cool design words that I will never know.

  2. Hi Beth,
    I like the peplum too. I think it points out a tiny waist on women and covers up the hips a bit. What a comfy looking jacket, yet with class.