Friday, January 28, 2011


After the photo shoot I decided to make a few more garments to round out the new collection. I wanted a print that would complement the tones in the previous pieces as well as the feel of the crochet. I came across this lovely brown floral at the Needle Shop in Bucktown (the last 2.5 yards!) and I knew I had a winner. Before I started with the floral cotton, though, I had to work out the silhouette by making a muslin. I didn't have any strong design concepts for this dress, I just started draping:

It's not bad, there's just one problem--it's boring me to tears. I decided to start again with a different approach, an interesting sleeve. It's a truly rare occasion when I'll drape a sleeve, but apparently this was one of those occasions.

Ok, I'm liking the volume, but let's see how this develops.

Hmm. Going...


And Gone, into Shakespeare territory. This is a full on costume sleeve. It's Juliet, or Elizabeth Bennet, but not me. No sir. Unless any theater companies out there need a designer, in which case, please call.

So I started over, with a simple silhouette and interesting style lines.

I love all forms of a sweetheart neckline.

And a full skirt. We pear-shaped ladies love a full skirt.

I was pleased with this, so poof! Brown floral:

I'm loving the June Carter/Dolly-pre-implants vibe of this piece. But it's not done yet.

A sweet, simple sleeve.

But wait...just one more thing.



  1. Delightful, Beth!!! Butterfly again emerges to fly...though you know I loved the "Shakespeare Sleeve"too. Love the floral and the flow. Loved seeing you and your Mr N, though only for a few hours. You glow. Thanks for keeping us on your path with you...betsy+ed

  2. I really like the form of the dress--the lines and neckline. But I must say I' not crazy about the fabric. Can you put it next to the other pieces so I can see how it compliments the others? Oh, and I really like the finished sleeve, too.

  3. I don't ever remember seeing that "Shakespeare sleeve", but I'm glad you chose a different direction. I like the retro fabric... can we see a close-up of the pattern?

  4. I LOVE THIS! That neckline is adorable!!

  5. Hi Beth,
    I've tried twice now to get my comment posted. I need some advice, but watch this time it will work. I like the top and especially think the belt adds a real contrast to the flowery fabric of the top. The top looks a bit low. Many women today expose too much of themselves with low tops, especially in the workplace. Keep creating, very inspiring!

  6. I LOVE this!! I want it just the way it is! Well, when I'm not preg. Beautiful!!!!